• Presenting the Past: Ups and Downs of Hollywood Prequels

    Some of the most anticipated films of any year aren't movie sequels but their prequels, like this year's Monsters University. After all, haven't you wondered why Monstropolis residents are scared of children or how our favorite monsters got to be scarers? Just like sequels, some of these movies ... Continue Reading »


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Exploring Texas Electricity

People all across Texas have the ability to choose among electricity supply rates offered by competing retailers. In 2002, the Texas Senate passed deregulation laws designed to change the electric industry into a model intended to enhance competition, and give Texans like you the power to choose among electricity suppliers. With just a little research, you're sure to come away with a better understanding of the industry surrounding Texas electric service.

How to get the best Texas electricity plan

The key to getting the best Texas electricity plan for your needs is to shop around before you sign on with a retailer. There are so many plans and perks available that comparison shopping is truly an important step to ensure that you find the right Texas electricity plan. It doesn’t matter whether you are a residential or commercial customer when shopping for an electricity plan in Texas. It's important that you understand a few basic rate structures to help you navigate the options available to you.

What does an open market mean for Texas electricity customers?

When lawmakers deregulated the Texas electricity market the industry was broken into three separate parts. Rather than utility companies controlling all aspects of the Texas electricity system, multiple companies contribute to providing your electricity.

Deregulation in Texas doesn't actually change anything about how you experience access to electricity. It's still going to be available every time you flip on a switch. Of course, if you use our energy saving tips, you can use less energy!