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Tara Energy in Texas: From Abbott to Azle

What is Tara Energy?

Founded in 2002 as the energy market was deregulating, Tara Energy is one of the oldest retail electricity providers in the state of Texas. Energy deregulation allowed residents and businesses to purchase their energy services through retail electricity providers, rather than being bound to one utility provider. Tara Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Just Energy, one of the largest providers of green energy in North America. Tara Energy supplies electric service to thousands of residential and commercial customers throughout Texas.

For more information on Tara Energy electric options for customers specifically in cities from Abbott to Azle, contact Tara Energy. You can also select your home city or town from the list below to learn more about Tara Energy electric service in your area. In order to make the right decision for your Texas home or business, take the time to learn about retail electricity providers across the state.

Cities in Texas Starting with Z

Tara Energy and the Refer a Friend Program

Through its customer referral program, Tara Energy customers can encourage others to join the retailer. By participating in this program, current customers have the chance to earn $25 credit on their Tara Energy electric bills for every new residential enrollment that is submitted with their specific referral code. The new customer also earns a $25 credit on his or her first bill.

Learn More about Tara Energy in Your Area

Find out more about energy options from Tara Energy by clicking on your Texas city or town from the list above. Electricity service from retail electricity providers is only available in deregulated areas of the state, so it’s important to call and ask if your home or business is eligible for Tara Energy. You can also compare Tara Energy to other Texas electricity providers by browsing the listing on the left.