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Stream: Energy in Stafford, TX

Stream energy in Stafford might be one of many options for city residents with electric choice, meaning they can shop among competitive retail electric providers. You’ll find information on many electric companies at TexasElectricityProviders.com, including Stream Energy. Stafford residents who aren't sure whether they live in a deregulated area of Texas should call in to understand specific provider supply rates and availability.

The trick to getting the right deal when searching for an electricity supply plan is figuring out exactly what you're looking for. There are many plan types with various rate structures and contract periods. Once you have a grasp on the variety of options presented to you, choosing the right solution should be simpler.

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Get to know Stream energy plans and benefits

Stream offers energy conservation and budgeting resources as well as residential supply plans with pricing designed to help Texans gain control over fluctuating energy prices. The company offers fixed-rate supply plans that remain stable for the duration of a contract. Texans might have the option to choose from Stream's one- or two-year contracts. The company's variable-rate supply plans provide customers with a month-to-month option, but the supply rate might change based on high or low energy market demands.

In addition to its supply plan variety, the company has a Free Energy Program that allows Stream customers to earn money toward their monthly energy bill payment through customer referrals. The retail electric provider also offers energy tips on its blog that discuss energy conservation, clean energy sources, paperless billing benefits and more.

When to communicate with your local utility company

After choosing a supply plan from a retailer such as Stream, Stafford residents will still communicate with their utility company – known in Texas as a transmission and distribution utility (TDU). TDUs are in place across the state to distribute electricity supply to homes and businesses. Consumers should call their utility in the event of a downed power line, outage and other electrical emergencies. Also, the retail electric provider you choose will work with the appropriate TDU, and nothing about your electricity access will change.

Now is the time to start shopping for a new electricity plan from a retail electric provider. You have the power to choose a plan that's right for you! Compare offers today and reap the benefits of electric choice in Stafford, Texas!

Updated: 6-1-16. Source: www.mystream.com.

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