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Gexa Energy Texas: From Waco to Wichita Falls

Are you looking to switch to a new electricity provider? Gexa Energy provides efficient energy solutions within the state of Texas, bringing the much larger resource pool of NextEra Energy, Gexa Energy’s corporate affiliate, directly to Texans. Of course, not all Texas locations are open to the deregulated electricity market. If you do have a choice in your electricity provider, Gexa Energy’s rates may be competitive in your area, while keeping alternative energy solutions and environmental conservation at a high priority. If you are evaluating Gexa Energy as the electricity provider for your home or business, it’s recommended that you call to get up-to-date and accurate Gexa Energy rates in your area.

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Gexa Energy Rates in Texas

With Gexa Energy, customers enjoy the freedom to choose either a variable-rate plan or a fixed-rate plan. Fixed-rate plans stabilize your electric rates for the duration of your contract, and with Gexa Energy, you can lock in your rates for a year. This means that your monthly bills won’t be affected by any changes that occur in the electricity market. For customers who don’t want to sign a long-term contract, Gexa Energy also offers variable-rate plans. Whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term electric rates, Gexa Energy can help you find the right pricing plan.

Gexa Energy Electricity for Texas Businesses

Not only does Gexa Energy supply residential customers with clean energy solutions, but businesses can also take advantage of Gexa Energy services. Its electricity service is available to small, mid-sized and large businesses located in Texas, the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic region. It helps meet your company’s energy needs with a variety of pricing options including variable rates, fixed rates, month-to-month, single-year and multiyear plans.

Gexa Energy Helps You Go Green

Under its parent company, NextEra Energy Resources, Gexa Energy offers clean, renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses in Texas. NextEra Energy Resources produces more than 6,700 megawatts of electricity on its 70 wind facilities across North America. Customers can choose to contribute to renewable energy at an affordable rate.

The environmental benefits of generating electricity from wind are extensive. There’s no concern that the earth’s supply of wind will ever die, and wind serves as a clean alternative to fossil fuel resources. The process of generating wind for electricity also preserves the land for traditional use while the electricity is being produced.

Learn More about Gexa Energy Electric Service in Your Area

For more information about the availability of Gexa Energy electricity in your area, click on your home city or town name in the list above. Make the most of your power to choose, and compare the rates and energy options of different Texas electricity providers.