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Sustainable Energy: What Else Is Out There?

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By now, you know what a huge perk it is having the ability to infuse green energy into your electric service. It’s easier than ever to chip in – even consumers with a passing interest in sustainable energy can contribute toward the green movement by choosing the right package from their retail electric provider. Once you get started with a green energy plan though, you might start wondering what is else out there. Most providers advertise their ties to wind farms or solar arrays, but those aren’t the only ways to generate sustainable energy. Thanks to recent developments in the industry, there are a lot of other green solutions out there.

Wave power

Wave power, while still in its adolescent stages, is an interesting prospect for renewable energy supporters. The concept is dependent on the speed, size and density of ocean waves. Just like solar panels or wind turbines, wave converters are placed strategically to get the most of the resource they’re drawing from. Some may be close to the shoreline, while others may be far out at sea.

Today, wave power doesn’t have the same following as wind power or solar power. However, that might change in the coming years. Scientists have long acknowledged the huge amount of energy contained in waves, and it’s only a matter of time before we figure out how to extract it faster, more efficiently and in greater quantities.

Hydrogen power

Much like wave power, hydrogen power doesn’t have the same renown that some of the more well-known green energy sources have. Nonetheless, it’s a really promising contributor to the green energy movement for a few different reasons, the first being that it doesn’t release carbon dioxide. In fact, in its purest form, all it releases is pure water. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and somewhat dangerous to extract energy from hydrogen, but scientists are constantly working to make it a more viable process.


Biomass is considered to be any fuel source that’s drawn from organic matter. A lot of times, this means fuel that’s drawn from plants. The reason biomass is considered sustainable is because of the real time carbon transaction it has with the atmosphere. For example, a plant may draw some amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then emit it back into the environment once it’s been harvested for fuel. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, contain carbon absorptions from millions of years ago that are cast out into the atmosphere in heavy quantities.

Hopefully, there will be a time when everyday consumers start to make use of lesser-known green energy like wave power, hydrogen power and biomass. In the meantime, make sure you’re using green energy in whatever capacity you can.

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