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Preventing Electricity Bill Spikes

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Did your electricity bill shoot up unexpectedly? Are you spending a lot more than you think you should be for your Texas electric supply each month? There could be any number of reasons that your electricity bills are getting out of control, but there’s always time to reel them back in. The first step to reducing your spending on electricity is knowing the source of the problem. Only then can you begin to explore solutions. After all, reducing your electricity bill may be as simple as embracing some energy saving tips.

Effects of the weather

One of the reasons your electricity bill may have gone up unexpectedly could be changes in the weather. When the seasons change it can be tempting to run the heat or air conditioning continuously to maintain a more comfortable temperature, but that decision can be a costly one. Even a few degrees on your thermostat – up or down – can raise your overall heating and cooling expenses dramatically.

When winter hits, it’s important to make sure you’re not wasting energy on heat that escapes your home. Windows are particularly pesky areas for drafts. If you own your home, you may want to invest in new insulated windows to combat the problem. If you’re a renter there are many cheaper, if less effective, steps you can take such as putting a layer of plastic over the interior of your windows to give your home an additional barrier to the cold.

During the summer months you need to be discriminating about when you run the air conditioning. Many times you can turn off the AC at night, particularly in early and late summer, and turn on a fan instead. Fans use much less electricity, and they usually can help keep you cool enough to be comfortable.

Regardless of the season, it’s important not to run your HVAC system when no one is at home. With no one in the house to enjoy the acclimated temperature, you’re spending money for no reason.

Electricity theft

Surprisingly, there are still many cases of electricity theft occurring every year. Though not as prevalent in the United States as it is in other areas of the world, theft of electricity is still a problem in some areas. When electricity theft affects individuals it is because the thief has run an illegal connecting line to the source somewhere after the power meter. This results in the victim’s power bills skyrocketing even if they’re using the same amount of electricity for their own personal needs.

Other methods for stealing electricity affect the profits of the utility companies directly. When thieves tap into a power line before it hits any meters, they are sapping electricity directly from the grid itself.

Either way, stealing electricity is a dangerous proposition – presenting the opportunity for the thief to be severely injured or even killed. If you suspect that you are the victim of electricity theft, report your concerns to your utility and the authorities immediately. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to disconnect (or connect) an illegal line yourself!