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Direct Energy Texas Provides Energy Services across the State

Direct Energy’s North American Influence

Direct Energy is a subsidiary of Centrica, an integrated energy company based in the UK, and currently provides more than six million commercial and residential customers with electricity, natural gas, and other energy services. Headquartered in Toronto, Direct Energy was founded in 1986 before being bought by Centric in 2000. With services currently available in 10 Canadian provinces, 46 US states and the District of Columbia, Direct Energy is one of the largest competitive energy providers in North America.

Direct Energy’s 6,000 employees work in five regional offices across North America:
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Houston, Texas
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Dayton, Ohio

  • Direct Energy Texas Lines of Operation Direct Energy Texas has four lines of operation: business, residential, home services, and upstream & trading.

  • Direct Energy Business: Direct Energy provides natural gas and electricity service to small, medium and large businesses, along with government institutions.
  • Direct Energy Residential: As the largest residential energy retailer in North America, Direct Energy provides customers with natural gas and electricity services that are available under both variable-rate and fixed-rate plans.
  • Direct Energy Services: Direct Energy home services include HVAC installation and service, water heaters, building automation, facility maintenance, water heaters, and more. These services are available for both homes and businesses.
  • Direct Energy Upstream & Trading: This includes gas-fired power generation, natural gas production, storage and transportation of gas, open market and energy procurement, and more.
  • Direct Energy Texas

    Direct Energy stands out as a major energy retailer in the state of Texas. The company is divided into four service territories which include CenterPoint in Houston, Oncor in Dallas and North Texas, Oncor in Midland and Odessa, and TNMP in Brazoira County and West Texas. Direct Energy Texas also serves as the parent company of both Central Power and Light and West Texas Utility. CPL Retail Energy and CPL Business service customers in South Texas while WTU Retail Energy and WTU Business operate in West Texas.

    Direct Energy Texas Promotes Energy Efficiency

    Direct Energy Texas takes energy efficiency seriously and aims to incorporate it in all parts of their business. Both residential and commercial customers benefit from energy-efficient products and services to meet their electricity, natural gas, and home service needs. Direct Energy also offers commercial businesses with energy management strategies to improve energy conservation efforts.

    In Houston, Direct Energy Texas has weatherized over 6,000 homes, resulting in an average energy reduction of 12 percent on a typical monthly consumption of 1,200 kilowatt hours. Direct Energy also partnered with a variety of brands, including Bust Buy and Whirlpool, to create the Home Energy Manager software application.

    Check Out Direct Energy Texas in Your Area

    If you’d like to know more about the availability of Direct Energy Texas in your area, simply click Direct Energy Texas and select your home city or town from the list provided. You’ll find information on the different services and payment plans Direct Energy Texas offers.

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