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CenterPoint Energy: Electricity Service for Texas

At CenterPoint Energy, electricity service is top priority. That's because CenterPoint Energy is the Houston area's primary electric utility provider. Unlike a retail provider, which negotiates better commodity rates for you, CenterPoint is in charge of physically delivering your energy to your address. That also includes reading energy meters every month, billing you for the electricity you use and maintaining power lines. In the case of an outage, Houston residents should contact CenterPoint Energy directly.

What CenterPoint Energy Does For Customers

CenterPoint Energy controls the electric transmission and distribution infrastructure that services the Houston metropolitan area. It also provides natural gas sales and solutions across six states. Its vision is to become the most reliable electricity and natural gas delivery company in the country.

Electricity: In order to provide the Houston metropolitan area with reliable power, CenterPoint Energy owns and operates more than 5,000 square miles of service area. That infrastructure is used to deliver electricity to more than 2.1 million customers in Texas.

Natural Gas: CenterPoint Energy provides natural gas to residents across several states, including Texas. In total, more than 3.2 million customers are serviced via 8,200 miles of pipe across the middle of the U.S.

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CenterPoint Energy Rates Separate From Electricity Rates

CenterPoint Energy rates are passed on to you directly from the power generation companies. The pricing you see on your utility bill includes a direct charge for the cost of the energy itself, charges for the delivery of that energy and any applicable taxes you owe on that service. If you're looking for better CenterPoint rates, your best bet is to research energy providers that service your area.

Energy providers work directly with energy supply companies to buy the commodity itself. Thanks to deregulation, these companies let you continue your standard utility service as normal, but can help you secure better energy supply rates for your household. Most energy providers also offer green energy, business rates and innovative plans including price protection and rate caps.

If you're one of the millions of customers serviced by CenterPoint Energy, you may have the chance to continue your great energy service while, at the same time, securing better supply rates. Use this site to research energy providers near you.

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