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CenterPoint Energy in Houston, TX

Interested in connecting with CenterPoint Energy in Houston? As one of Texas’ largest utilities, CenterPoint Energy is the default transmission and distribution company for the Houston metro area. You can find out if you’re in the utility’s service area by looking at your most recent utility bill.

As a transmission and distribution utility, the company is responsible for maintaining power lines and electric infrastructure. Since the utility is responsible, you will see a delivery fee on your monthly energy bill. While you can’t choose who delivers electricity in your service area, you can choose who supplies your energy supply rates.

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Power your Houston business with CenterPoint Energy

If you are a business owner in the CenterPoint Energy service area, you are eligible for commercial programs that offer incentives to Houston businesses that want to become more energy efficient. The Commercial Load Management Program is available to non-residential customers that can curtail at least 100 kW through peak summer months with a 30-minute notice. This program improves the efficiency of large facilities and helps the overall energy grid. For more information about Texas business energy supply plans, call to speak with an energy representative.

Learn more about CenterPoint Energy in Houston, TX

In areas without the power to choose your retail electricity provider, the utility would be responsible for your energy supply rates. However, as a resident of Houston, you are able to shop among many retailers to find the supply plan that works best for you.

With CenterPoint Energy as your utility, do not call your chosen retailer if there is ever a power outage. With infrastructure responsibility lying with the utility, you should call the utility if you ever experience a loss of power or witness an electrical emergency.

Get a new electricity plan in Houston today

Shopping around for a different plan with energy providers may help you find something that fits your budget. With sites like this, you've got the opportunity to compare companies and find a plan that meets your needs. When retailers have to compete for your business, the marketplace becomes more competitive, and consumers like you win!

Updated: 6-7-16. Source: www.centerpointenergy.com