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CenterPoint Energy in Texas Serves You

CenterPoint Energy is an energy utility in Texas that transmits and distributes electricity to more than 2.3 million customers in the Houston metropolitan area. The utility also distributes natural gas to six states, including Texas. Headquartered in Houston and partnered with ArcLight and OGE Energy, CenterPoint Energy has an ever-expanding portfolio of services and is part of one of the largest limited partnerships in the nation. In total, the utility delivers electricity to almost 800 towns and cities.

As a utility serving millions of customers, CenterPoint Energy in Texas is responsible for roughly 5,000 square miles of electric infrastructure, including transmission lines, poles and substations. As a Houston metro-based utility, it delivers energy for 85 retail electricity providers.

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Read about CenterPoint Energy quality

With a history dating back more than 130 years, CenterPoint Energy in Texas is committed to improving and strengthening the electrical grid. The utility measures power quality by fluctuations in electricity and the number and duration of power outages. In fact, the utility continues to build an Intelligent Grid with monitoring, remote switches and automated equipment that can locate outages and electric damage as it occurs. Since 2011, CenterPoint Energy has been able to restore power and save customers more than 134 million minutes of outage time, according to its website.

Discover how CenterPoint Energy helps your community

The Texas utility works to provide the communities it serves a helpful hand, with the goal of keeping its customers hometowns vibrant and prosperous. Through economic development, community grants and aid to nonprofits, CenterPoint Energy recognizes the importance of facing key issues such as education, health and human services. The utility also acts responsibly by planting trees, and maintaining trees so they avoid distribution lines. The Arbor Day Foundation recognized the utility for best practices in arboriculture.

Sign up for a supply plan with a retail electricity provider

CenterPoint Energy may not be a retailer that sells supply plans to customers, but it is the key to getting electricity from power plants to consumers’ homes. When you choose an energy provider, you’ll maintain your service and delivery from the utility. However, you get to choose an energy supply plan from an available retailer. Call TexasElectricityProviders.com to speak with an energy representative.

Updated: 6-7-16. Source: www.centerpointenergy.com

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