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Amigo Energy in San Angelo, Texas

With energy choice, San Angelo residents have the opportunity to find a competitive supply plan that works with their needs. Texans have the power to choose their energy supply plan and compare those plans available from different retail electricity providers, such as Amigo Energy. However, energy choice doesn’t only extend to residents. Business owners in cities such as San Angelo also have the power to choose their energy provider as well.

For more information about the electricity market, click to learn about Texas power. If you want to explore what other nearby cities Amigo Energy services, select a location below:

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Get a SmartStat smart thermostat from Amigo Energy in San Angelo

Amigo Energy’s smart thermostat can help consumers save money and reduce energy consumption. San Angelo residents who help reduce consumption by programming the smart thermostat to adjust temperatures when they’re not at home, can reducing cooling or heating costs. With heating and cooling making just under 50% of the average home’s energy use, it’s no surprise that cutting back when you’re not at home will help reduce your monthly bill in hot summer or cold winter months. The SmartStat is Wi-Fi enabled and features Home IQ that provides customers with insights into their home’s energy performance. It also allows them to take control of their system remotely. 

Explore Amigo Energy supply plans

Understanding all that a provider has to offer can be difficult, especially when it has many different supply plans to select from. Amigo Energy in San Angelo gives you the option to choose between different lengths of fixed-rate plans with supply rates that remain constant each month. Plans can range from 12 months up to 60 months.

Amigo Energy does not offer variable-rate plans. Variable-rate supply plans have supply rates that fluctuate every month. While consumers could save when market prices are low, they would have to pay premium prices when the market price of electricity increases. By offering fixed-rate plans to consumers, Amigo Energy is giving people peace of mind with a stable supply rate.

Amigo Energy in your neighborhood

If you want more information on Amigo Energy availability in your San Angelo, click on your area in the list above. It’s important to explore your options and see how providers compare to one another. Start benefiting from energy choice and call a TexasEnergyProviders.com representative.

Updated: 5-27-16. Source: www.amigoenergy.com.