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TXU: From D Hanis to Dyess AFB!

While the biggest cities across Texas are in deregulated markets, you’ll need to call for TXU Energy in Texas availability. Whether you’re looking for TXU Energy availability in Houston, Dallas or another location, you’ll need to call for specific ZIP code serviceability. Texas electricity providers can often offer you substantial benefits, so it’s worth doing the research.

Texas cities beginning with D

D HanisDa CostaDaffanDaingerfield
Dalby SpringsDaleDalhartDallas
DaltonDalworthington GardensDamonDanbury
DanevangDarcoDavis PrairieDavisville
DawsonDaytonDayton LakesDe Berry
De KalbDe LeonDeanDecatur
Decker PrDecker PrairieDecordovaDeer Park
Del RioDel ValleDelhiDell City
Dell ComputersDelmitaDelroseDenhawken
DenisonDenningDennyDenson Spring
DentonDenver CityDeportDerby
DFWDFW AirportDialvilleDiana
DikeDilleyDilworthDime Box
Doak SpringsDodd CityDodsonDogwood Acres
Dogwood CityDominoDonieDonna
DotsonDouble OakDouglassDouglassville
Dripping SpgsDripping SpringsDriscollDryden
DunnDurangoDw GdnsDyess AFB

TXU Energy in Texas Offers Tips for a Home Energy Audit

Whether you live in a TXU Energy service area or not, you can always finds ways to save energy. That’s why TXU Energy offers Texans many tips and tools. Do your own personal home audit with these three simple steps for Texas electricity savings.

1. Locate Your Air Leaks

Weather changes from D Hanis to Dyess AFB will impact what you’ll spend heating and cooling your home. But you can reduce costs overall by checking doors, windows, chimneys, attics and electrical outlets for drafts and sealing any areas where hot or cold air enters unwanted. Consider having a local professional inspect your insulation and perform a thermographic inspection.

2. Pay Attention to Your HVAC System

Every year before you turn on your heating, ventilation or air conditioning, you should call a local HVAC specialist for an inspection. And consider replacing units over 10 years of age.

3. Check Your Lighting

Turn out the lights when not in use, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs and lower-wattage bulbs as much as possible. And take advantage of that Texas sun! Sunlight is plentiful in Texas, so make the most of it to stretch your energy dollar.

For more information on TXU Energy in Texas, visit the appropriate individual city page above. One of your rights as a deregulated Texas electricity customer is to have the information you need to make an educated choice. Use our informational resources to make sure you choose the electricity provider that’s right for you.