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Champion Energy: Austin, TX

Austin residents have the opportunity to choose from a number of great electricity providers. Champion Energy Services is one of the many companies providing coverage to many communities across Texas. Getting the best rate on your electricity supply is all about shopping around for plans from providers in your area. If you're ready to start exploring your saving potential, see what features an electricity plan from Champion Energy in Austin offers compared with those of other providers operating in your area!

Champion Energy in Austin offers a variety of plans, each with the needs of particular customers in mind.  Options from many retailers can include both stable- and variable-rate plans, each with its own benefits. Stable-rate plans are one of the perks of living in a deregulated area. When you purchase a stable-rate plan, your rates will be consistent for the length of the contract. Variable-rate plans give customers more flexibility, rarely requiring a long-term contract. These plans are great if you don’t know your long-term plans or are simply more interested in letting your rate fluctuate with the overall market price of electricity. Plus, with many retailers such as Champion Energy in Austin, you can choose to support green energy with easy-to-add plan options that help keep the environment safer. When you purchase a green energy plan, your retailer usually guarantees that an equivalent amount of electricity to your consumption will be produced from renewable resources such as sunlight or wind.

Energy Conservation Is Money Conservation

Austin residents, there are many things you can do to reduce your electricity bills, and many can be easier to adapt than you'd think. TexasElectricityProviders.com has created a list of energy saving tips which can help you realize true savings on your energy bill. Some actions are pretty straightforward, like adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees, while others offer things you might not have thought about. In fact, you may find it surprising how many energy saving tips are simple to execute. Whether you choose Champion Energy services or another company, making the right decisions can help lower your average energy costs and allow you to make the most of the deregulated Texas electricity market. 

Austin, TX Area Cities and Towns

BryanCedar ParkCollege StationConroe
Copperas CoveGeorgetownMcGregorMissouri City
New BraunfelsPflugervilleRound RockSan Antonio
San MarcosSealySpringSugar Land
TempleThe WoodlandsVictoriaWaco

Choosing Champion Energy for Your Businesses

In addition to serving thousands of residential customers, Champion Energy also provides electricity services to businesses located in deregulated energy markets. With customized energy solutions, Champion Energy works with different companies to best meet their electricity needs. Your business may be able to benefit from the selection of pricing options offered by Champion Energy in Austin.

Flexible solutions from Champion Energy Services include:

  • Variable-rate or Indexed-rate Solutions: These plans offer market-based rates for customers who don’t want to sign a stable-rate contract. They also afford businesses the opportunity to make the most of market lows when they occur.
  • Stable-rate Solution: This plan stabilizes your Champion Energy electric rates for the duration of your business’ contract. No matter what the electricity market does, your business will continue to pay the same rate for every kilowatt hour of electricity it uses.

Supporting Green Energy

It's easy to support green energy initiatives with a plan from Champion Energy! Austin residents and businesses have the opportunity to choose green energy options to balance out their energy consumption with renewable energy credits equal to their usage. Buying into a green energy plan doesn't necessarily mean the electricity coming into your home was generated with renewable resources, but purchasing a green energy plan from a provider such as Champion Energy in Austin does mean the equivalent of your consumption was generated by renewable resources and added to the grid.

If you want to actually guarantee that the electricity coming into your home was generated with renewable resources, you'll need to install the necessary infrastructure on your property itself. That said, Texas is a perfect location to generate both solar and wind energy. Some companies similar to Champion Energy in Austin even offer affordable leasing programs for solar panels. If you have the means and the will to go the extra mile in supporting renewable energy technology, installing your own solar array or wind turbine is easier today than ever before.

Champion Energy Customer Service and Incentives

Champion Energy is a leader among retail electricity providers not only because of its green energy solutions and electric rate plans, but also because of its customer service. Champion Energy in Austin offers customers access to live assistance from customer care associates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers in Austin can call any time and have their electricity questions answered. The Champion Energy Connect-A-Friend program also presents customers with an opportunity to earn bill credits when they refer their friends and family to Champion Energy electric service.

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